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She was honoured for her creations by various literary bodies like Swosti Jhankar, Odisha Giti Kabi Samaj, Sulekha , Ispat Sahitia Sansad, Sarala Sahitya Samaja and many more.She received the very prestigious Rajdhani PustakMela Award for her creation "Sabarmati ra swapna ".

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Her outstanding works are Sata Padmara Dipa (Novel) and story collection like Aranya Abhisar, Sramanar Prithvi, Kalpanika Satya, Swapna Godhuli, Sakshi Thakurani, Naxtrar Bhasa & Hansa Prahari etc. Her essay collections like Odia Kavyara Siva, Nirbachita Prabandh' and 'Sri Aurobindo O'Nutan Prithivi' are well recognized 

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She , along with her husband has been a World traveler , all summing up to her experiences and inspiring her in every possible way.A renowned social figure,a Doctor in her hometown, Dr Patri strikes a perfect balance between her professional responsibilities and literary interests, both interdependent and contributory.

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She is an ardent follower of Yogi Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry. She is highly considered as a renowned scholar on Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, spiritualism, integral yoga and integral education. She has written number of articles and published books on the above said subjects.
She is the editor of 'SAVITRI' a prestigious literary magazine and she is also the Chief Editor of 'Aspruha' a high standard spiritual magazine based on Sri Aurobindo's Vision.
She is an authorized lyricist of All India Radio, Cuttack, Odisha. A number of eminent singers have chosen her lyrics to sing in radio and television. Three lyric books have been published to her credit. Three music CDs are released and are much in demand, specially for
her devotional lyrics of high order.

Her quest for literary knowledge is never ending and she continuously thrives to create new work.Since 2013, Dr Patri has been blessed with a beautiful Grand daughter, Kiara( "zuzu"), her fresh inspiration for her upcoming children's book "Jeje -jeji and zuzu" , much awaited by her readers.